Never Trust a Dead Man review

Never Trust a Dead Man by Vivian Vande Velde

Harcourt Brace & Company, 1999. 9780152018993

Synopsis: Selwyn Roweson has just been accused of murdering his rival and fellow villager Farold and as punishment for his crime, has been trapped in the burial caves with Farold’s corpse. He is rescued by the witch Elswyth and makes a bargain with her to bring Farold back from the afterlife in order to help him prove his innocence. Unfortunately for Selwyn, Farold is just as annoying dead as he was alive, and it is going to take all of his restraint to keep from killing Farold for real.

Why I picked it up: I read and enjoyed Heir Apparent and wanted to read more of Vande Velde’s writing.

Why I finished it: The book jacket explains the book as a “mystery-horror-comedy” and the description pretty much fits perfectly. Vande Velde is a very prolific and decorated author, having won numerous Edgar Awards for her books. The writing is simple and engaging, and the characters are well-painted. The plot is well-paced and the mystery keeps the reader interested up until Selwyn is able to figure out the puzzle that surrounds Farold’s death. Vande Velde’s sense of humor is a little strange, but not off-putting or offensive, and aptly mixes slapstick with puns throughout the book. The story starts out running and doesn’t stop, but while I found the end satisfying, it was much slower and left me with the feeling that things might have been tied up a little too neatly.

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