What’s On: iCarly

iCarly Starring Miranda Cosgrove, Jeannete McCurdy, Nathan Kress, Noah, Munck, and Jerry Trainor

Nickelodeon, Fridays 8/7c

Synopsis: Carly Shay is a normal teenager living with her older brother (who is an artist) in a posh Seattle loft and loves hanging out with her friends Sam and Freddie. Carly, Sam, and Freddie have a weekly web show, iCarly, that has become a huge success. Now, the three must balance their school work and their relationships with the web show on top of trying to come up with new material every week. Since her parents are overseas, she relies on the help of her friends and her brother Spencer to help her out and keep everything as normal as possible.

The show is funny and heartfelt in its portrayal of young teens trying to balance fame on top of trying to live a normal life that sometimes feels anything but normal. Carly, Sam, and Freddie seem to find themselves in the oddest of situations, but this humor is part of what makes the show so enjoyable. We turn it on every week to see Sam and Freddie bicker, Spencer try to sell some of his strange artwork, and Carly find a way to hold everything together and sometimes keep her friends from seriously hurting each other. I find it somewhat illogical that Carly and Spencer could live in the apartment they do with Spencer’s sporadic monetary intake and their parents virtually non-existent, but since television shows exist to make us all disillusioned about the real world, I will let it slide. Most recently, the cast of the show Victorious made an appearance in a crossover episode with iCarly that was so totally fun, it makes it hard to wait for new episodes! You can also watch videos, play games, take polls, and more at http://www.icarly.com/.


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