What’s On: Austin & Ally

Austin & Ally starring Ross Lynch, Laura Marano, Raini Rodriguez, and Calum Worthy

Disney Channel, Premieres Sunday 8/7c

Synopsis: Shy Ally works in her father’s music store, Sonic Boom, and dreams about going into the music business. Ally’s father believes she has a one in a million chance to make it in the music industry, but this doesn’t stop Ally from writing songs on her piano. Austin is a talented singer who is also hoping to make it big in the music industry, and after he finds one of Ally’s songs in her practice room, he becomes the next big thing. Angry that she is not given credit for the song, she confronts Austin about stealing her song. Austin tells her that he can’t write his own music and that he needs her help and talent. Ally reluctantly agrees, and the two work together to write Austin’s next big hit.

This new Disney Channel series is cute, funny, and has a lot of potential. Because of the lack of adults in the pilot episode (we see Ally’s father briefly at the beginning as well an adult female talk show host), I have a feeling they are not going to have a huge role in this new series, and if they do, it will be partially for comic relief. Marano and Lynch play well off of each other and the two have great chemistry. The dynamics between the girls (Marano and Rodriguez) and the boys (Lynch and Worthy) are equally enjoyable, and I also had to laugh at Marano’s characterization of being ‘the reasonable one’ in contrast to Lynch’s happy-go-lucky. The show has the feel of a cool teen sitcom about kids who are doing everything to follow their dreams (I am sensing a theme in Disney Channel shows, here….) and hope the show continues to blossom into a promising new series.


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