Online Hangouts: Webkinz

Webkinz – A Ganz Website

Webkinz are plush toys similar to Beanie Babies that have secret codes enabling the owner to access the digital Webkinz world. In the Webkinz online space, the user is able to create an online duplicate of their plush pet and play games to earn currency to buy clothes, accessories, and other things for their digital pets. The website is colorful, bright, and provides the user with a variety of tasks to enhance their participation in the digital world. Navigation overall is fairly simple and the user is also able to virtually interact with other users, though as far as I know multiple users cannot play the games in groups. There is a wide variety of games that the user can play, some of which generate other rewards besides money that can be used to create other goods or traded with other users. One of the drawbacks that I saw was that many games can only be played once a day, though many will allow you to play multiple rounds before exiting. The site is likely geared toward younger users, but not everyone who invests in Webkinz will be allowed or able to participate in the digital world.


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