Darth Paper Strikes Back Review

darth_paperDarth Paper Strikes Back: An Origami Yoda Book by Tom Angleberger

Amulet Books, 2011. 978-1419700279

Synopsis: Seventh grade promises to be great, but when Harvey comes to school with a folded Darth Paper bent on undermining Origami Yoda, things start to go bad fast. First, Dwight is suspended and Origami Yoda is trashed. Then, Tommy and his friends hear that Dwight might get expelled and sent to a remedial school because he disturbs the learning of the students. Darth Paper is quick to support the dismissal of Yoda and Dwight, but Tommy is still convinced that they need Origami Yoda. Can he and his friends gather enough evidence to keep Dwight from getting expelled?

Why I picked it up: I liked the first book so much I wanted to read the second one.

Why I finished it: Like the preceding book, it’s hard for me to pinpoint what I liked so much about this book. The humor is spot-on, and the case that the students make for Dwight is heartfelt, even though some of them might not exactly consider him a friend. It got me thinking about how fast things can change, for better or for worse, and how those changes can affect us. I like how Angleberger captures the mentality of a middle schooler loosing something he’s grown to depend on – whether it’s a friend or ‘just a piece of paper’. As a reader, I was rooting for Dwight to come back as well and found myself really frustrated at Harvey, but don’t know that I would have had the guts to go and fight for him as hard as Tommy did. Like the first book, the writing is simple and there is a lot of power in the first person narrative used in the vignettes by Tommy and his friends. I haven’t picked up the third book yet, but I’m looking forward to devouring it sometime in the near future. đŸ™‚

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