The Sea of Monsters Review

seaofmonsters_painting-23The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 2) by Rick Riordan

Disney-Hyperion, 2006. 978-1423103349

Synopsis: Percy’s school year has been pretty quiet compared to  the events of last summer. But when he confronts some monsters in P.E. on his final day of school, he knows that something has gone wrong. Then when Annabeth appears and tells him that the magical defenses around Camp Half-Blood are weakening, Percy becomes determined to find a way to save his second home from the growing threat of monsters and others that would see the camp destroyed.

Why I picked it up: Well, when I finished the first book in the series, I had to pick up the next one…plus, I wanted a refresher before seeing the movie.

Why I finished it: Riordan’s follow-up to The Lightning Thief is just as fresh, funny, and exciting as its predecessor. This book delves quite a bit into two particular stories from Greek myth: The Odyssey and Jason and the Argonauts, which are referenced throughout the story particularly in reference to the Cyclops. The reader is also introduced to Tyson, a friend Percy makes at his new school who is more than meets the eye and proves to be a valuable asset as Percy and Annabeth set out to save Camp Half-Blood. Additionally, we learn a little more about the plan to destroy Mount Olympus when our heroes cross paths with Luke and his growing army of monsters. Riordan also takes the time to develop the characters a little more, further fleshing out Annabeth and Clarisse’s characters in relation to their interactions with Percy. I appreciated that we got a couple of new characters and got to re-visit the ones that didn’t get as much ‘page time’ in the first book. Mind you, this is a first person narrative, but it is nice to see Percy learning more about some of his other camp mates. The plot zips along quite nicely and keeps the reader engrossed up until its final pages with its rather fantastic cliff-hanger (ARGH).

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