Feature Presentation: Miracle

miracleMiracle starring Kurt Russell, Patricia Clarkson, Noah Emmerich, Sean McCann, Kenneth Welsh, Eddie Cahill, Patrick O’Brien Dempsey, Michael Mantenuto, Nathan West, and Kenneth Mitchell

Buena Vista Pictures, 2004. Rated PG.

Synopsis: The year: 1980. Still in the midst of the Cold War, Herb Brooks, the coach of the United States Olympic Hockey Team, is tasked with putting together a team that has a chance of beating the powerhouse Soviet Team. Despite long odds, Brooks turns a bunch of inexperienced college players into a team that plays with the pride and hope of a nation to drive them to victory. Based on the true story of one of the greatest moments in sports history, Miracle captures the magic of the 1980 Olympic Games and the power of believing we can overcome impossible odds.

With the Olympics in Sochi, Russia this year, the media and sports fanatics around the world are prompted to remember the “miracle on ice” and sportscaster Al Michaels’ famous question “Do you believe in miracles?!”

While the filmmakers took some liberties with the story, the game and the story of the months leading up to the game are still inspiring. The Cold War was a tense political period in world history and the match between the US and Russia was a chance for the two countries to settle their differences in a non-political arena. While there is some political undertones to the game, I won’t make comments about them here. I like to think that the focus is more on the notion that we can overcome adversity and give hope in the face of the impossible. Even year later, the US players remember how much was riding on that game, how David versus Goliath didn’t even begin to describe the matchup. And in the spirit of the Olympic games, it’s only appropriate that we celebrate how the games bring us together and inspire us to be more than ourselves.


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