Feature Presentation: Cool Runnings

cool_runningsCool Runnings starring Leon, Doug E. Doug, Rawle D. Lewis, Malik Yoba, John Candy, Raymond J. Berry, and Peter Outerbridge

Buena Vista Pictures, 1993. Rated PG

Synopsis: When Derice Bannock fails to make the Jamaican Olympic Track Team, he turns to former bobsledder Irving Blizter, who had tried to convice Bannock’s father to switch from track to bobsled, to help him make it to the Olympic stage. With the unlikely team of four, Blitzer heads to the 1988 Calgary Olympics and both team and coach find themselves fighting an uphill battle to be taken seriously as a team because no one will take them seriously. Based on a true story, Cool Runnings is the story of the first Jamaican bobsled team’s quest to make it to the Winter Olympics.

I feel like a bad ’90s kid because it took me about fifteen years to watch this movie, but then again, it usually takes me a few years longer to get into something. What I love about the movie is that it’s funny and fun all the way through. It takes a more humorous look at the work and the effort it takes for athletes to be the best at their sport and the struggles teams go through to be able to work better together. Derice, Sanka, Yul, and Junior aren’t exactly a ‘dream team’ so to speak, but Derice’s determination to get to the Olymics helps to drive the team to strive for victory. Irv also has something to prove since he disgraced himself in the bobsled competition in the late ’70s, and even though he is reluctant to take on the task of being the coach of a Jamaican bobsled team.  It’s an inspiring story about determination, team work, and believing in yourself that is fun for the whole family.



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2 responses to “Feature Presentation: Cool Runnings

  1. With all the references I’ve been hearing re the Jamaican Bobsled Team lately, I’m glad to know you recommend this movie. I should see it so I don’t feel so out of the loop.

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