Guys Read: Other Worlds Review

guys_read_4Guys Read: Other Worlds edited by John Scieszka, with illustrations by Greg Ruth

Walden Pond Press, 2013.  978-0061963797.

Synopsis: Prepare to explore new worlds and dive into the worlds of science fiction and fantasy with stories that will spin a yarn that seems all but unbelievable. Featuring stories by Tom Angleberger, Shannon Hale, D.J. MacHale, Eric Nylund, Kenneth Oppel, Rick Riordan, Neal Shusterman, Rebecca Stead, Shaun Tan, and the late Ray Bradbury, Other Worlds will transport you to places unknown and some places that seem all too familiar.

Why I picked it up: I loved Funny Business and I felt lucky to find this at a going out of business sale at my local bookstore.

Why I finished it: Guys Read is consistently awesome and I can’t say enough about the book series and the website that Jon Scieszka and other dedicated persons have put together. Other Worlds takes us into the unknown and back again, giving us a collection of stories about protagonists that are brave and heroic in their own unique way. My favorites were Shannon Hale’s Bouncing at the Grinning Goat, Rebecca Stead’s Plan B, Shaun Tan’s A Day in the Life, and Eric Nylund’s The Warlords of Recess. While all of the stories in this book deal with the unexpected, these stories add a bit of reality to them and create for us scenarios in which it is possible that a young girl can become a fierce warrior, that aliens can land on earth and assimilate the human race, that iguanas run in herds across the Australian landscape, and that the kids you always pick last for the team can actually subdue alien troops by merely reminding them of the rules. I was also appreciative of the final story in the volume: Frost and Fire by the great and prolific Ray Bradbury, who once upon a time opened the doors for authors to explore other worlds, other places, and other times along with many others in his generation. Filled with humor and drama, Other Worlds takes the reader to unexpected places that we never could have imagined on our own.

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