Walking on the Boundaries of Change Review

walking_on_the_boundaries_of_changeWalking on the Boundaries of Change: Poems of Transition by Sara Holbrook

Wordsong, 1998. 978-1563977374

Synopsis: Transition is a large part of life, especially when you are a teen. This collection explores the theme of change, new experiences, and tough choices that all of us must make in our journey to adulthood.

Why I picked it up: It’s another one of those books that the title caught my eye because it so perfectly describes the teen age.

Why I finished it: The beauty of poetry is that it tells a story, paints pictures, relay emotions, and show us moments in time. But the same thing that makes poetry so wonderful is also what makes it a challenge – the language must be concise, the words carefully chosen to convey just the right emotion, to portray the right voice. So it would make sense that the challenges of being a teen would be perfectly portrayed in poems, and Holbrook tackles the combination with a certain finesse that I have only found in poems written by teens. Each poem takes on the angst, the anger, the fear, the love, and the confusion of what it means to be a teen and what it means to struggle with finding your personal identity, finding your niche. The poems relate the joys and the trials of being different and how we deal with growing up. They help us understand that even though we feel alone and misunderstood that there are things that can still speak to us in our resistance. It encourages us to explore our personal growth and our beliefs so that we can become the people we wish to be.

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