Feature Presentation: Home

home_ver10_xlgHome starring the voices of Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Steve Martin, and Matt Jones

Dreamworks Animation, 2015. Rated PG

Synopsis: The Boov are good at running. From everything. They would rather run from danger than toward it. So when they run to Earth and relocate its inhabitants, they think everything will be fine and they will be safe from their enemies. But when Oh accidentally sends out a party invitation to the entire galaxy, the Boov must figure out a way to intercept the evite before they have to evacuate. Tip, a young girl who escapes the human relocation, reluctantly agrees to help Oh escape capture by the Boov if he promises to help her find her mother. Through their misadventures on their way across the world, both alien and girl discover what makes the other special and come to find the true meaning of the word ‘home’.

The previews for this movie got my attention because Jim Parsons (Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory) is voicing Oh and there was something about his casting that made me want to see it. The Boov are little purple aliens with eight pods for legs, two curly tentacles that act as both ear as nose, and change color according to their mood (how postmodern). They are scaredy cats with a rather interesting interpretation of Earth and humans that don’t seem to use contractions in their speech, which is part of what endeared me to Parsons voicing of an animated character. Both Oh and Tip both struggle with being different: Tip is a new girl that just moved to the city and Oh is a non-conformist who has a unique password for his email, but both desire desperately to have friends and to fit in. But as the movie goes on, the audience begins to see that it is the characters differences are not only what draws them together, but what is going to help bridge the gap between the two species. I loved the story because everyone can relate with the struggle to fit in. We all want to find a sense of home and a sense of belonging no matter where we are, and it transcends the generational gap. Though some of the humor may go over younger viewers heads, there’s still enough little kid humor and bright colors to keep everyone glued to the screen. The computer animation is top notch, and I can’t help but marvel at the advances we’ve made in digital technology even in the last year. Particularly, I enjoy how the hair is rendered – it just looks so real, and they manage to capture the unruly nature of curls as we watch Tip try to wrangle her hair into a ponytail over the course of the film. It’s a wonderful family film with a heartwarming message that will appeal to a wide age range and a plethora of quotable moments that will stay with the viewer long after they have left the theater.


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