Big Nate: Say Good-bye to Dork City Review

big_nate_say_goodbye_to_dork_cityBig Nate: Say Good-bye to Dork City by Lincoln Peirce

Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2015. 978-1449462253

Synopsis: Nate Wright is pretty cool. Wait, scratch that: he’s rockin’. So what could make him even more cooler? Hanging out with Marcus and his crew? Writing more haiku about Brazil Nuts? Figuring out how to get in good with the Principal? But that’s beside the point. Nate’s out to conquer the social hierarchy of P.S. 38 and come out on top.

Why I picked it up: I loved Greatest Hits and I was eager to read more about Big Nate’s shenanigans.

Why I finished it: This book is full of laughs, fun, and everything we love about Big Nate books. Nate is still just as competitive and simultaneously clueless as ever, but his unique way of looking at the world is what endears the reader to Nate. On the one hand, the world is his oyster, and he wants to live it up every opportunity he gets – if only Mrs. Godfrey wasn’t out to get him! On the other, he’s never satisfied with well enough. There’s always a limit to be pushed and a line to cross…and if anyone can find a way to get away with out-of-the-box thinking, it’s Nate. We feel for him when he sees the cool kids and wants to be just like them. We totally empathize with the fact that his teachers seem to be cramping his style. Peirce’s style is reminiscent of the classics Garfield and Calvin and Hobbes, but he has a flair all his own. The personalities of the characters definitely come out in the drawings and the color palate, which helps to emphasize the humor of the collection. It’s a great read for all ages that will keep you laughing from cover to cover.

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