Guys Read: True Stories Review

guys_read_5Guys Read: True Stories edited by Jon Scieszka, illustrations by Brian Floca

Waldon Pond Press, 2014. 978-0061963810

Synopsis: Dread going to the dentist? Pondered what you would do if you were shipwrecked on the edge of a desert? Dreamed about going down some of North America’s greatest ‘undiscovered’ rivers? Ever wondered what it would be like to spent the night in the jungle…with tarantulas? Read these ten 100% true, 100% amazing, 100% unbelievable stories and find out!

Why I picked it up: I totally love this series of books and I love the idea behind Guys Read.

Why I finished it: I’m not usually a huge fan of non-fiction, but this collection of stories totally grabbed me right from the beginning. Some of this stuff is pretty out there, and even as I sat reading, I was thinking things like ‘this can’t be real’ and ‘this is so fantastic’ and ‘what am I doing to get out there and explore the world?’ Non-fiction isn’t boring by any stretch of the imagination and this book proves that history and even the everyday adventures we have are totally amazing. My favorite stories were Nathan Hale’s ‘Hugh Glass: Dead Man Crawing’ (an explorer is attacked by a bear and somehow lives to tell about it) and Thanhha Lai’s ‘A Pack of Brothers’ (some stories about growing up with five older brothers in Vietnam). Hale’s comic really grabbed me because it somehow makes the tale taller; I mean, it’s already pretty unbelievable that a man could survive a bear attack in the age of Western Expansion, then crawl to get help even after he’s left for dead. There’s even little commentary from some more modern characters that gives the story a sort of humor that is likely not present in any of the source material. Lai’s stories about her siblings remind me a lot of my own childhood and the different predicaments my brother and I would get ourselves into. The reader can relate to their misadventures with pairs of scissors and the desire to go out with friends over spending time with family. It’s a worthy addition to the Guys Read library, and if you like the books, go check out the site: there’s even more fun that awaits you.

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