Max the Flying Sausage Dog: Tails from the Pound Review

max_the_flying_sausage_dog_2Max the Flying Sausage Dog: Tails from the Pound by John O’Driscoll and Richard Kelley; illustrated by Arthur Robins

Words in the Works, LLC, 2015. 978-0991036486

Synopsis: When Max is taken back to the pound by the pound owner and a ‘policeman’, Tom and his mom must hatch a plan to outwit the bad guys and get back their beloved pet.

Why I picked it up: I really enjoyed the first book and I was eager to read about more of Max and Tom’s adventures.

Why I finished it: This story starts out tense because we don’t know why Max was taken or if Tom will be able to get him back. But when Tom dreams up a scheme involving the Queen of England, our hopes rise along with Tom, and we feel confident that the story will have a happy ending. Since the book was originally published in the United Kingdom, there is a helpful glossary at the start of the book to aid American readers with some of the British jargon used by the characters. Robins’ art is fun and playful, matching the whimsy of the story. The reader is drawn into the pages of the book, and we experience all of Tom’s highs and lows. It’s a touching story that will appeal to pet owners and non-pet owners alike, and a great short chapter book for transitioning readers.

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