Oh, Brother!: Brat Attack! Review

oh_brother_brat_attackOh, Brother! Brat Attack! by Bob Weber, Jr. and Jay Stephens

Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2015. 978-1449472252

Synopsis: Oh, Brother! stars the sibling duo of Bud and Lily, who humorously interact within the leafy confines of their middle-class suburban home and neighborhood. Whether they are playing together in the family room or running amok in the schoolyard, Bud and Lily elevate the act of one-upmanship to Code Red levels. – from Amazon.com

Why I picked it up: I have a soft spot for books about siblings.

Why I finished it: For those of us that have been blessed with siblings – either older or younger – we know what’s going to happen with Lily and Bud before we even crack the spine. But even if the antics between the two siblings is somewhat predictable, the reader is instantly endeared to the characters because of their love for each other…even if it isn’t always obvious. Lily and Bud are involved in a constant battle of the wits, each intent upon showing up the other with their own brands of superiority. The quick, light-hearted humor keeps the reader engaged and captures the delicate love/hate relationship between brothers and sisters. It’s reminiscent of the relationships between Beezus and Ramona Quimby and Peter and Fudge Hatcher: we laugh with them, we get angry with them, we cry with them, we are happy with them. They are the sort of stories that not only carry a nostalgia factor, but make us smile and remind us of the fun and innocence of childhood. Cute, quirky, and funny, this book is sure to strike a chord with reader of all ages.

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