Ghostly Thief of Time Review

ghostly_thief_of_timeGhostly Thief of Time: An EMU Club Adventure! by Ruben Bolling

Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2015. 978-1449457105

Synopsis: We hadn’t done anything for months. It was like the EMU Club didn’t exist anymore. We needed a new case. We needed something to do before school started. And then neither of those thing happened. But when school started, and something did happen…well, you’ll have to read the report to find out. I mean, I don’t even I know if I believe it, but it’s true, and it did happen. Cause that’s what we do: we explore unbelievable mysteries.

Why I picked it up: After reading about the EMU Club’s first adventure, I was eager to see what new mystery the Exploration-Mystery-Unbelievable group encountered next.

Why I finished it: This is exactly the sort of thing we only would dream could happen to us as kids. We would daydream up adventures and mysteries that only we were capable of solving; we would pretend we had been privy to the most unlikely circumstances that we had only read about in books or seen in movies. And Stuart, Brian, and Violet now inhabit this world of our younger selves. They almost literally live our dreams. Bolling makes older readers feel young and younger readers feel jealous in this newest adventure, which seeks to find out why that last hour of the school day goes so slowly. And don’t tell me you never wondered that…that you don’t still wonder why that last hour of school/the work day seems to take literally forever to elapse. So read the book and you’ll find out why. Well, not quite. I don’t know that it will account for every situation, but it seemed to explain things for Stuart…er, Wolfstalker, and the rest of the gang. I like the report format of the book and the ‘photographs’ that capture the elements of the EMU Club’s adventure. It helps to draw the reader into the action of the story and makes us feel as though it’s also our experience. It’s a fun, imaginative ride through the valleys of time and space that will have readers eager for more.

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