Happy Guy Fawkes Day 2015!

Remember, Remember!/the fifth of November….

indexHappy Guy Fawkes Day/Bonfire Night, once again!

Since Guy Fawkes Day is about rebelling against the government (among other things) and we have a presidential election coming up this next year, I thought I would put together a list of books about the American government and Democracy. It’s important to be a well-informed citizen, and part of being a well-informed citizen is knowing how the government works and our role in it.

It may not seem like ordinary people have that big of a role in determining what goes on in this country, but that’s not actually true. Taking the time to learn about the issues and going out and voting (if you’re old enough) does impact what issues get addressed and which ones don’t. Don’t ever think that your voice doesn’t count!

The-Power-of-One-Does-a-Single-Vote-Matters1General Books about Government

Forms of Government by Peter Benoit; 978-0531258262

Kids’ Guide to Government books by Ernestine Giesecke

The Everything American Government Book: From the Constitution to Present-Day Elections, All You Need to Understand Our Democratic System by Nick Ragone; 978-1593370558

Americapedia: Taking the Dumb Out of Freedom by Andisheh Nouraee, Daniel Ehrenhaft, and Jodi Lynn Anderson; 978-0802797933

How the U.S. Government Works by Syl Sobel, J.D.; 978-0764147920

How to Build Your Own Country by Valerie Wyatt; illustrated by Fred Rix; 978-1554533107

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights

In Defense of Liberty: The Story of America’s Bill of Rights by Russell Freedman; 978-0823415854

A More Perfect Union: The Story of Our Constitution by Betsy Maestro, illustrated by Guilio Maestro; 978-0688101923

The Bill of Rights: Protecting Our Freedom Then and Now by Syl Sobel, J.D.; 978-0764140211

A Kid’s Guide to America’s Bill of Rights: Curfews, Censorship, and the 100-Pound Giant by Katherine Krull, illustrated by Anna DiVito; 978-0380974979

Constitutional Law for Kids: Discovering the Rights and Privileges Granted by the U.S. Constitution by Ursula Furi-Perry; 978-1627220231

God and Government: The Separation of Church and State by Ann E. Weiss; 978-0395549773

Branches of Government

Our Government: The Three Branches by Shelly Buchanan; 978-1433373657

A Woman in the House (and Senate): How Women Came to the United States Congress, Broke Down Barriers, and Changed the Country by Ilene Cooper, illustrations by Elizabeth Baddeley; 978-1419710360

Our Supreme Court: A History with 14 Activities by Richard Panchyk; 978-1556526077

The U.S. Congress for Kids: Over 200 Years of Lawmaking, Deal-Breaking, and Compromising by Ronald A. Reis; 978-1613749777

Guilty?: Crime, Punishment, and the Changing Face of Justice by Teri Kanefield; 978-0544148963

The Supreme Court and the Judicial Branch by Bryon Giddens-White; 978-1403466082

Checks and Balances: A Look at the Powers of Government by Kathiann M. Kowalski; 978-0761385585

The President, Vice President, and Cabinet: A Look at the Executive Branch by Elaine Landau; 978-0761385639

The Congress: A Look at the Legislative Branch by Robin Nelson and Sandy Donovan; 978-0761385592

Judges and Courts: A Look at the Judicial Branch by Kathiann M. Kowalski; 978-0761385622

The Presidency

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be President: A Young Person’s Guide to Understanding the Presidency of the United States by Linda M. Eccelston; 978-1442165977

So You Want to Be President? by Judith St. George, illustrated by David Small; 978-0399243172

If I Ran for President by Catherine Stier, illustrated by Lynne Avril; 978-0807535448

The New Big Book of U.S. Presidents: Fascinating Facts about Each and Every President, Including an American History Timeline by Todd Davis and Marc Frey; 978-0762448807

Smart About the Presidents written and illustrated by Jon Buller, Susan Schade, Maryann Cocca-Leffler; Dana Regan, and Jill Weber; 978-0448433721

Madam President: The Extraordinary, True (and Evolving) Story of Women in Politics by Catherine Thimmesh, illustrated by Douglas B. Jones; 978-0618971435


The Art of the Possible: An Everyday Guide to Politics by Edward Keenan, illustrated by Julie McLaughlin; 978-1771470681

It’s Your World: Get Informed, Get Inspired & Get Going! by Chelsea Clinton; 978-0399176128

It’s Your World–If You Don’t Like It, Change It: Activism for Teenagers by Mikki Halpin; 978-0689874482

Election!: A Kid’s Guide to Picking Our President by Dan Gutman; 978-1453270660

The Kid’s Guide to Social Action by Barbara A. Lewis; 978-1575420387

Vote (DK Eyewitness Books) by DK Publishing; 978-0756633820

Vote! by Eileen Christelow; 978-0547059730

The Future Is Ours: A Handbook for Student Activists in the 21st Century edited by John W. Bartlett; 978-0805047875

See How They Run: Campaign Dreams, Election Schemes, and the Race to the White House by Susan E. Goodman, illustrated by Elwood Smith; 978-1599908977

How Political Campaigns and Elections Work by Kevin Cunningham; 978-1624036330


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