Desmond Pucket and the Cloverfield Junior High Carnival of Horrors

desmond_pucket_3Desmond Pucket and the Cloverfield Junior High Carnival of Horrors by Mark Tatulli

Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2016. 978-1449466282.

Synopsis: New year, same school…or so Desmond thinks. Turns out his arch-nemesis Mr. Needles is now the Principal, Keith Schimsky (y’know, the younger brother of the lovely Tina) grew into a giant, and the annual Carnival of Horrors has been cancelled. But when he finds out that the librarian may lose her job, he hatches a plan that may just be able to save both the librarian and the school carnival.

Why I picked it up: Fun? Check. Funny? Check. Monsters? Check, check. What’s not to love?

Why I finished it: This series has earned a special place on my shelf because of its delightful mix of horror, humor, and heart. It makes me remember what it was like to be a kid pursuing their passions even if they seem to go against what everyone else likes. On the surface, Desmond may seem single-minded and lazy, but as a reader you know that he’s got good intentions. He has the ability to see a need and finds a way to use his talents to meet that need – even if scaring isn’t the optimal solution. Tatulli’s story once again comes alive in the art – whether it be Desmond’s scribbles or the intermittent illustrations between paragraphs. It’s another reason to like this series: the hybrid novel/graphic novel really expounds on the characters and their actions while giving the reader a visual point of reference for some of the tricks Desmond is using to make sure the show goes on. Highly imaginative and humorous, Desmond will continue to make magic with readers both on and off the page.

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