Bone, Volume 3: Eyes of the Storm Review

bone_3Bone, Volume 3: Eyes of the Storm by Jeff Smith

Graphix, 2006. 978-0439706254

Synopsis: After an attack by the mysterious hairy creatures at the farm, Fone Bone, Grandma Ben and Thorn start on the house repairs while Phoney Bone, Smiley Bone, and Lucius return to Barrelhaven. Thorn’s mysterious dreams are starting to haunt her in the daylight hours, but when her discussion with Fone Bone is overheard by Grandma Ben, it sparks a conversation no one saw coming. Meanwhile, Phoney tries for one more get-rich scheme by making a double or nothing bet on the Barrelhaven Tavern.

Why I picked it up: The usual: I had to figure out what happens next.

Why I finished it: The hits keep on coming in this third installment of the Bone series. Repairs to the farm may be keeping everyone’s hands busy, but there seems to be so much more on everyone’s minds. Both Fone Bone and Thorn have been having somewhat foreboding dreams since volume 2, but with renewed appearances by rat creatures, both have a strong suspicion that the dreams could give them some answers. The reader also learns a little bit more about the great war referenced by Grandma Ben in the previous book, and we are treated to a look at the force behind the movements of the rat creatures and the master of the mysterious hooded figure. In another part of the valley, the reader witnesses the attempted reformation of Phoney Bone. I say attempted because he still seems bent on trying to win back his former fortune…even if it is being amassed in poultry products.  The reader is getting quite a chunk of information in this volume and the back story is continuing to settle into place. This volume also seems to harken back to the theme of finding one’s way that was such a large part of the first book. With the characters branching off in different directions, it is even more important for them to look out for each other and to trust each other as they journey into the unknown. Smith has kept up the energy and suspense, and this volume reaches one of what I have a feeling will be many more climaxes. The story has so many little nuances that while the overall feel is that of a cartoon drama, there’s that little bit that makes you think there’s more; we’re seeing the different layers coming out and it’s adding not only to the epic feel, but the overall enjoyment.

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