The Quikpick Papers: To Kick a Corpse Review

to_kick_a_corpseThe Quikpick Papers: To Kick A Corpse by Tom Angleberger, illustrations by Jen Wang

Harry N. Abrams, 2016. 978-1419719066.

Synopsis: It was over. After our last adventure, there wasn’t supposed to be a Quikpick Adventure Society. But Marilla was bent on delivering justice for her family…for the thousands of slaves that had to suffer under the hand of their masters. And when a pretty girl is goading you and calling you a wimp, well, what choice did we have? So here it is; the last and final adventure…for real this time.

Why I picked it up: I wanted to know how the last adventure ‘ended’.

Why I finished it: And so, things have come to an end. For real this time. Well, I am sure there will still be excitement and adventures, but nothing quite so fantastic as before. The trio has certainly grown since we first met them, and they will keep going on even though there are no more reports. I do have to admit that the premise for the last adventure is a little bit odd.  Then again, I’ve mentioned before that I’m not the kind of person that would intentionally seek out the strange and abnormal – I’m more of a Dave than a Marilla or a Lyle. But these sort of experiences are the ones that make a lasting impression on the characters and on the reader. The things we do with our friends, no matter how weird or crazy they may seem to others, are what bring us together and strengthen our bonds. They are the things that we will remember and look back on years later. Angleberger has given us a story about the power of friendship and the strange nature of change. Our lives evolve in unexpected ways as we get older, a fact that becomes apparent to Lyle at the close of the report. It’s not always good or bad, but it happens. Wang’s illustrations help add to the humorous nature of the story and they play off the sort of silliness that is inherent to Lyle, Dave, and Marilla’s friendship. It’s a somewhat serious end to the series, but it does give the reader some comfort knowing that the trio continues to carry on, even in the face of change.

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