The Poe Estate Review

the_poe_estateThe Poe Estate by Polly Schulman

Nancy Paulsen Books, 2015. 978-0399166143

Synopsis: Sukie O’Dare is haunted. Literally. Since her sister Kitty died, her ghost has been hanging around keeping an eye on Sukie the same way she did when Kitty was alive. And if it weren’t for the fact that Kitty is still extremely overprotective, it might even be cool. But it’s not, and now everyone thinks Sukie is a spook. A spook that is being haunted by ghosts other than her sister; ghosts that won’t rest until Sukie has fulfilled their strange request.

Why I picked it up: I really enjoyed the first two books in the series and I was eager to read more of Schulman’s work.

Why I finished it: While Schulman’s books have the luxury of being able to stand alone, some of the relationships with the characters and the events to which they refer will make more sense to you if you have read the other two books. That is one of the things that I like about this series: you get to find out what happens with the characters without a whole other book dedicated solely to them. I like Schulman’s take on the fantasy/horror/gothic novel genre and that this book is creepy without being too creepy. Sukie has had to deal with a lot since her sister Kitty as died, and readers who have lost someone close to them can understand a lot of her frustrations at the changes that are happening within her family. She’s having to make adjustments that aren’t exactly comfortable, especially when the spirit of her sister is stuck while Sukie continues to move forward. This theme about changes and moving forward is a central theme to the story that gets explored not only with Sukie, but her family ghosts as well. Spirits often need closure in one life before they can move on to the next, a problem Sukie seeks to tackle along with her friend Cole and the staff at the New-York Circulating Materials Repository. The mystery and the magic of the library once again plays a key role in aiding our protagonist in finding answers to a more urgent dilemma and also finding answers about who they are themselves. For me, it was a reminder that libraries are welcoming places where one can find the answers to almost any question we could have. It’s a fun and exciting story that will be enjoyed by both fantasy and gothic novel fans.

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